GW's Inaugural Monumental Alumni Class


Introducing GW's Inaugural Monumental Alumni



Among their ranks are acclaimed actors, best-selling authors, journalists, politicians, diplomats, activists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, executives, and more than one astronaut and Olympic medalist. They have served their country and humanitarian causes; championed progress in industry, research and practice; informed and entertained us—and made their alma mater proud.

As the university observes its bicentennial, we’re honoring our most outstanding alumni with the first-ever Monumental Alumni Award. The award was created by the university to recognize living alumni for their exceptional achievements to their communities, to the university and to our world. It is one of the university’s highest honors.

GW Magazine is proud to introduce the inaugural class. Cue the drum roll.





Gina Abercrombie-Winstanley
B.A. ’80



Elizabeth Acevedo
B.A. ’10

Award-Winning and Best-Selling Author and Poet


Amina Al-Rustamani
B.S. ’93, M.S. ’96, D.Sc. ’01

Business Executive


Anousheh Ansari
M.S. ’92

Engineer, Businesswoman, Space Explorer


Michele Anthony
B.A. ’77

Entertainment Executive


Serena Maria Auñón-Chancellor
B.S. ’97

Physician, Engineer, NASA Astronaut


Josh Balk
B.A. ’02

Nonprofit Executive, Entrepreneur


Dana Bash
B.A. ’93

Anchor, Chief Political Correspondent


Rodger Gregory Berman
B.B.A. ’90, M.B.A. ’91

Business Executive, Entrepreneur


Mary-Michael Brown
D.N.P. ’11

Nurse, Healthcare Executive


Ruth Cooper Burg
A.A. ’45, B.S. ’45, J.D. ’50

Judge, Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals


Martin Burt
M.A. ’83

Social Entrepreneur, Author, 
Educator, Politician



Eric Cantor
B.A. ’85

Former United States Representative and United States House Majority Leader, Investment Banking


Nelson A. Carbonell Jr.
B.S. ’85

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Business Executive


Gilbert Ray Cisneros Jr.
B.A. ’94

Former United States Representative, Military Veteran, Education and Veterans’ Advocate, Philanthropist


Christine S. Collins
J.D. ’98

Olympic Medalist, Attorney


Tom Cortese
B.A. ’02

Entrepreneur, Business Executive


Christine M. Darden
D.Sc. ’83, Honorary Doctor of Science ’19

Mathematician, Aerospace Engineer, Member of the Senior Executive Service


Sidney Oliver Dewberry
B.S. ’51

Engineering Executive


Tammy Duckworth
M.A. ’92, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’17

United States Senator, Military Veteran


Mary Hatwood Futrell
M.A. ’68, Ed.D. ’92, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’84

Educator, Organization Leader


Sara Goldrick-Rab
B.A. ’98

Sociologist, Author, Nonprofit Founder, Educator


Rose Gottemoeller
M.A. ’81

Diplomat, Scholar


Joyce Hens Green
J.D. ’51, Honorary Doctor of Laws ’94

Judge, United States District Court for the District of Columbia


Frederick D. Gregory
M.S. ’77

Pilot, Military Engineer, NASA Astronaut and Administrator


Joneigh S. Khaldun
M.P.H. ’13

State Government Health Executive, Physician


Gail Lebovic
M.D. ’86

Oncoplastic Surgeon, Inventor, Entrepreneur


Hee-Beom Lee
M.B.A. ’87

Politician, Executive, Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games Organizer


Mark D. Lerner
B.B.A. ’75

Real Estate Developer, Major League Baseball Owner


Theodore N. Lerner
A.A. ’48, Bachelor of Law ’50

Real Estate Developer, Major League Baseball Owner


Randy Levine
B.A. ’77

Major League Baseball Team President, Attorney


Carlos F. Lucero
J.D. ’64

Senior U.S. Circuit Judge


William P. Magee Jr.
M.D. ’72

Plastic Surgeon, Nonprofit Founder and Executive


Ellen R. Malcolm
M.B.A. ’84

Nonprofit Founder, Executive, Activist


Liz McCartney
M.A. ’06

Nonprofit Executive, Social Entrepreneur, CNN Hero of the Year


Julie A. Monaco
B.A. ’85

Finance Executive


Darla Moore
M.B.A. ’81

Investor, Philanthropist


Kenneth Paul Moritsugu
M.D. ’71

Physician, Retired Rear Admiral USPHSCC, Military Leader, Corporate Executive


Nathaniel Ryan Morris
B.A. ’03

Entrepreneur, Business Executive


Charles E. Mullins
M.D. ’58

Retired Pediatric Cardiologist, Health Care Pioneer


Lloyd Warren Newton
M.P.A. ’85

Retired United States Air Force 4-Star General, Military Leader


Alex Nyerges
B.A. ’79, M.A. ’82

Art Museum Director


Yvonne Anuli Orji
B.A. ’05, M.P.H. ’08

Actress, Author, Producer, Comedian


Peter Pace
M.S. ’72

Retired United States Marine Corps 4-Star General, Military Leader


Christopher “Chip” Paucek
B.A. ’92

Entrepreneur, Business Executive


Colin L. Powell
M.B.A. ’71, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’90

Retired 4-Star General U.S. Army, Former U.S. Secretary of State, Chairman of the Joints Chiefs of Staff and National Security Advisor


Michael Punke
BA ’86

Writer, Diplomat, Policy Analyst


W. Russell Ramsey
B.B.A. ’81, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’14

Financier, Philanthropist


Harry Reid
J.D. ’64, Honorary Doctor of Laws ’05

Former United States Senator and Senate Majority Leader, Attorney


Jerry M. Reinsdorf
B.A. ’57

Business Executive, 
National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball Team Owner



John F. W. Rogers
B.A. ’78

Business Executive


Mary L. Schapiro
J.D. ’80

Attorney, Financial Regulator


Traci A. Scott
M.A. ’96

Communications Strategist


Mark R. Shenkman
M.B.A. ’67



Joanna Shields
M.B.A. ’87, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’16

Business Executive


Albert H. Small
ATT ’47 to ’48, Honorary Doctorate of Public Service ’16

Real Estate Developer, Philanthropist 


Carol A. Smith
B.A. ’71

Publishing Director, Media Executive


Clarice Smith
B.A. ’76, MFA ’79, Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts ’12

Artist, Philanthropist


Marla Lerner Tanenbaum
J.D. ’83

Nonprofit Executive, Major League Baseball Owner


Robert Tanenbaum
J.D. ’82

Real Estate Executive, Major League Baseball Owner


Elana Meyers Taylor
B.S. ’06, M.T.A. ’11, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’18

Olympic Medalist


Charles “Chuck” Todd
ATT '90 to ’94

Moderator, Political Director, Television Journalist


Kathy Warden
M.B.A. ’99

Business Executive


Mark R. Warner
B.A. ’77, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’03

United States Senator


Elizabeth Warren
ATT ’66 to ’68

United States Senator


Kerry M. Washington
B.A. ’98, Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts ’13

Emmy-Winning Actor, Director, Producer, Activist


Daniel H. Weiss
B.A. ’79

Museum Executive, Art Historian, Educator


Nadja West
M.D. ’88, Honorary Doctor of Public Service ’17

Physician, Retired United States Army Lieutenant General, National Military and Medical Leader


Bill Charles Westenhofer
M.S. ’95

Academy Award-Winning Visual Effects Supervisor


Irving A. Williamson
J.D. ’75

Attorney, International Trade and Economic Policy Expert


Ya-Qin Zhang
D.Sc. ’90

Scientist, Business Executive


Rachel Zoe
B.A. ’93

Entrepreneur, Executive, Creative Director, Philanthropist, Author, TV Personality



Monumental Alumni



Monumental Alumni

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